• National advertising reach: 133,3 billion contacts per season
  • National media coverage: 10,095 hours per season
  • Durchschnittliche Zuschauerzahlen national pro Spieltag: 18,71 Millionen

Sponsoring, licensing & digital media

Almost 40 million football fans in Germany, a constantly growing global fan base, pure passion and emotions and presence in all media categories: the Bundesliga is not only a highly attractive sporting competition, it also represents a unique marketing platform.  

With its individual and innovative rights portfolio, consisting of sponsoring and licensing rights as well as a range of integration options into the digital worlds of the Bundesliga, the sponsoring, licensing and digital media business unit of DFL Sports Enterprises makes it possible to address target groups in specific, authentic and emotive ways. The focus is on the specific objectives of each particular partner. DFL Sports Enterprises tailors its services accordingly to provide optimal results. The unit keeps this promise on a number of exclusive levels for its premium partners, which comprise official partners and official licensing partners. The league’s best-known brand features play a major role in this: the Bundesliga logo, the championship shield and the official match ball.

Individual packages for exclusive partners

An example of this is the collaboration with logistics provider Hermes, which goes well beyond the scope of traditional sponsoring. Premium partners benefit from a range of customised offers, such as having their name printed on the jerseys of all 36 licensed clubs as well as on the referees’ boards and the ball stand used in all 612 Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches and, in particular, the right to operate an approximately eight-week-long roadshow, where Hermes serves as the official carrier of the original championship shield, with exclusive rights to present it. Product and sponsor go together perfectly, tying in with the conviction of DFL Sports Enterprises, which is based on a customised package that serves both partners equally.

Another example is the official match ball Torfabrik from official partner adidas, which was introduced in the 2010/2011 season for all Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 games. It ensures fair and balanced conditions for all competitors and, with the ball design, provides the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 with another striking key visual which is used exclusively in the two professional German leagues.

 Bundesliga: Strong Partnerships

Strong Partnerships

The high level of media presence in Germany and a continuous growing international fan base makes the Bundesliga a highly attractive platform for selected sponsors and licensees. Our Sponsoring & Licensing unit markets sponsorship and licensing packages for domestic and international markets, offering promotion of group marketing rights across all types of platforms.

Sponsors and licensees can benefit from using the Bundesliga logo, the respective championship trophies and also, on the back of group marketing rights, the respective logos and names of clubs and players for attractive licensing products and promotional activities.

Krombacher, the major German brewery, was added as a Bundesliga sponsor during the 2008/09 season, winning an expansive package of rights to advertise at different events and across various platforms. Sky Deutschland, the pay-TV broadcaster, is another valued partner alongside adidas, the supplier of the official matchball. In the 2011/12 season, Grundig, one of Germany’s most traditional manufacturers of consumer electronics, has joined the ranks of DFL’s pool of sponsors as the “Official Technology Partner of the Bundesliga”.