Outstanding advertising and presenting platforms: the Bundesliga’s premium offerings

With over two million visits, high-quality Bundesliga videos, lightning-quick real-time information, exclusive interviews, live reports and news from each stadium, the Bundesliga's official website bundesliga.de offers an excellent digital advertising and presenting platform.

Bundesliga.com is one of the fastest growing international football websites and the first port of call for our Bundesliga fans across the globe. In different languages with a proprietary editing team, the DFL provides their partners with the best possible information portal for a continually growing international fan base, and a highly efficient communication platform.

Bundesliga fans abroad can view spectacular scenes, fabulous goals and funny videos on youtube.com/Bundesliga. The official YouTube channel offers highlights, extensive videos of its German and international stars and unforgettable moments from a rich Bundesliga history. This new offering ideally complements the Bundesliga‘s existing media partnerships.

 bundesliga.com: International Target Group

International Target Group

The bundesliga.com website will awaken further interest in the Bundesliga among fans outside of Germany and increase awareness of the league internationally.

Fans, journalists and broadcasters around the world have access to extensive, up-to-date information about the Bundesliga in three different languages. Alongside the English website, Polish and Japanese versions were also launched in 2012.

Match reports, player and club portraits are at the centre of the new platform, with statistics, photo galleries, videos and information on Germany's top flight individually prepared by a dedicated team of editors in all three language versions.

 bundesliga.de: Innovation in the Web

Innovation in the Web

The Bundesliga’s own website has grown into an extremely valuable advertising platform, attracting more than 2 million unique users each month and establishing itself among Germany’s top sports portals. Going forward, the official league website aims to be the first port of call on the internet for football fans all around the world.

Such improvements enrich our website that continues to provide fans with up-to-the-minute information on their clubs, match schedules and statistics, in both German and English. Meanwhile, the live radio service offers fans live reports and news from every Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 stadium.